TestPilot Continuous Integration

TestPilot has shut down

It is with great sadness that I announce the closure of TestPilot CI.

I began building TestPilot in early 2010 to help developers deliver better software. At the time the CI landscape was heavily dominated by software packages designed exclusively for building complex enterprise applications and were poorly suited to easily testing Open Source projects and Web Applications.

I set out to solve this with a hosted service which brought the power of convention over configuration to run your tests in a distributed environment. This turned out to be the single most complicated problem I have ever undertaken and after 2 years of development it became clear that working on this as a solo venture was not going to succeed. By this time I had built a hosted distributed private build service with proper code isolation and support for many common frameworks and languages including Ruby on Rails and Node, with supporting services like RabbitMQ, Sphinx, Mongo, Postgresql, and MySQL.

Around the same time Travis CI started up in Berlin and rapidly gained mindshare throughout development communities around the world, including the Ruby community I was apart of in Melbourne, and when I realised my friends were using Travis CI over TestPilot this was the beginning of doing some serious soul searching for validation of why I was still building this instead of contributing to Travis CI.

It also became clear that Travis CI was now solving 90% of the problems I wanted to solve with TestPilot. Knowing this I decided it was time to move on and work on solving other problems around the software development and deployment workflow, so I started a project called CrashLog to build a better Exception aggregation service.

Having met some of the Travis CI team at various conferences I can say they are a lot more passionate about Continuous Integration and building an amazing CI service than I am, so if you’re not already using Travis CI and you need a CI service, you know where to look.

Thanks to those who have supported TestPilot CI over the years including Inspire9 and AngelCube.

Ivan Vanderbyl