Is Thread Lift a Good Alternative to Face Lifts?

Nowadays none wants to have painful or invasive procedures for anything. Instead of people today are looking for less invasive, less painful and cheaper treatment options. Thread lifts are the newest when it comes to skin tightening. This is a non-surgical facial tightening treatment. If you go into the concept area, you will find that thread lift works on the concept that the thread is inserted subcutaneously into the skin.

This is an easy, in-office and fast process in which a cone is attached or barbed or non-barbed suture thread is inserted into the skin. The skin is then hooked into the skin and with minimal tightening, the skin is lifted to a certain point. The sutures will be dissolved into the skin after some days and thus there won’t be any kind of scars or marks to the target area.

In this process, the threads with the latest technology are used which are named NovaThreads and Silhouette Instalift. These threads are approved by the FDA and have gained a lot of popularity. These threads are primarily used on face, neck and jowl skin but it can be used on any part of the body. The suture gets dissolved in the body over time and the complete thread lifting process is very easy and simple.

Can I get this treatment?

Results of the treatment vary, and they are based on the laxity, type and amount of the threads used. Treatment results are reported to last from 18 months to 2 years. Fillers are the most important part in restoring the volume of the aging face and helpful in tissue tightening, lasers, thread lifts, and facelifts. Fillers are most important in thread lifts as they provide the additional benefit of collagen stimulating.

Since these procedures are not applied for severe saggy skin and it does not replace traditional facelifts too. Tissues remain in the same location in its underlying attachments and skin contraction and gravitation pull leads to losing the skin. Before going for the treatment make sure that you discuss completely this with the doctor.

Success Rate of Thread Lifts

Long term success of thread lift for facial rejuvenation has experimented on 33 people. Facial lift is treatment is done to these 33 people along with some other facial rejuvenation procedures on the brow, jowl, mid-face neck, etc in the year 2009. The study showed that the 10 people who had only thread lifts have the results lasted for 19 months and the people who had taken thread lifts in combination with other facial rejuvenation treatments, the results lasted for more than 23 months. This study clears that thread lift along with other facial rejuvenation processes provides much better results and for a longer period.

You won’t find any kind of side effects of thread lifts as it is a nonsurgical process. The best part is that the skin gets alive by boosting the production of collagen and this helps us look younger instead of having something artificial inside the skin.