Common Trigger Finger Exercises to Try at Home

Common Trigger Finger Exercises to Try at Home

Trigger thumb and trigger finger both go side by side. In the initial phase the condition is mild and irritated. On a long run, it becomes extremely painful. It starts with the inflammation or irritation of the tendon sheath which is present around the finger. It hurts and restrict the natural movement and bending of the finger. It leads to stiffness of the finger with clicking and popping sensation. Sometimes finger swelled up, becomes red and even bump is formed on it when bent.

It depends upon the intensity and the causes which lead to trigger finger, however there are some home remedies in the form of exercises which can be performed to relief the pain a bit.

Lifting your Fingers

It is thought that one of the reasons for getting trigger finger is when you repeatedly use your finger in certain position due to some hobby or activity. This can be rested and cured by simple exercise of finger lifting. You use hard surface and put your hands down with palm touching the flat surface. Then try lifting each finger one by one and pay special attention to the injured finger. Try this simple posture for both the hands. This exercise is perfect for stretching the tendons around the fingers and relax the finger muscles as well.

Stretch your Hands Using Bands

Yet another preferred exercise is using both fingers and thumb simultaneously. For this, you wrap both thumb and hands in a rubber band and draw both together. You open and close hands and thumb together against the thrust of resistance. This stretching soothes the pain of the hands and helps in increased blood supply to the hand muscles.

Try Circle Stretching of both Thumb and Fingers

In this session, you need to create a circle with putting injured finger on your thumb. This way the finger gets maximum support. It is like forming Ok emoji. You need to carry with this posture for 5 seconds and repeat at least 10 times.

Do Tennis Ball Exercise

It means grabbing a stress ball or possibly tennis ball in your hands. You need to take and hold the ball for good 5 seconds and keep squeezing it. Release it and repeat the process for 5 to 1o times at a stretch.

Spreading your Fingers

The same exercise which work for abduction muscles can also work for trigger finger pain. It means spreading the fingers wide open. You then draw together and repeat the process all over again.

Finger to the Palm stretch

First extend all your fingers straight and then bring them close to the palm. Repeat the process. Then use your fingers to touch the middle the palm. This is said to be the most comfortable and effective exercise for relieving pain of trigger finger.

It is also recommended to massage the joints of the hand and the affected finger. It increases the blood flow all around hands and fingers. Apart from this, you can choose any above-mentioned exercise which suits your routine and ease.

Consider visiting a professional bone specialist to diagnose and receive trigger finger treatment from if the pain and stiffness persists.