Available Surgical Procedures for Trigger Finger

Available Surgical Procedures for Trigger Finger

If you ever have had trigger finger, you must be well aware of the tease and pain related to the issue. The pain is there whether you use or not use your finger. Above all if the issue is left untreated, it can lead to severe consequences. The tendon around the fingers help in its flexible and easy movements, which allow the fingers to bend. If you go for a surgical procedure to ease pain in your finger, it can lead to easy bending without any pain. Read more about trigger finger treatments here: https://sgbonedoctor.com/hand-wrist/trigger-finger/

Preparing for the Trigger Finger Surgery

If you are preparing for a surgery, you might not be allowed to eat anything the entire day. For the best solution, you may need to ask doctor for how long you must fast. You would only be taking water and avoid taking milk, soda, cold drinks or other beverages.

Different procedures

Normally, two types of surgeries are available for the treatment of trigger finger and each procedure is discussed below:

Open Surgery Procedures

You can get done the procedure in the capacity of outpatient as well. Yes, you will go to the hospital and in the operation room but you won’t be staying there overnight. It will take few minutes to some hours for the surgery to complete and then you can go home.

The procedure starts with mild IV (Intravenous) sedation by the physician to sooth you. IV is basically a liquid tube like medicine which is injected with the help of a needle in the body of a person who is going to be operated upon. It is preferably injected via an arm.

When the arm is given local anaesthesia by surgeon well before the procedure, they give a cut in the arm of about 1.5 inches. Then the tendon sheath is cut open. The doctor then checks if the movement in your finger is normal and regular.

After satisfied check, doctor close the cut with the help of stitches. Number of stitches depend upon the size of the cut made.

Percutaneous Release Procedures

The percutaneous release is a procedure meant for either ring finger or middle finger. You need to visit doctor office for getting this procedure done. First doctor numbs the palm of the infected finger hand. The needle is inserted around the tendon of the finger.

The needle is then moved by the doctor to check and open the blocked area on the hand and finger. In time, ultrasound is performed by the doctor to see if the needle can help in opening the tendon sheath. In this procedure, you will undergo no stitching or cutting.

Soon after surgery when the numbness of the arm/hand goes away, you will be able to move your hand and fingers easily. You will be able to move your finger in full motion after surgery. If the nature of your work requires you to use hand/fingers, then you may have to take 3-4 days off from work for full recovery.

After surgery, you will have to be incredibly careful in the initial days, avoid any strenuous work or any such activity which could damage your finger again.