Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Thread Lifts

Tight facial and body skin is one of the dreams for many nowadays. Even we try so many things to make our skin look good. If you search over the internet, there are many cosmetic products available that will claim you to get tighter skin. But the truth about most of the products is that they just work for a very limited amount of people. Most of the time, these products don’t suit most of the people. Thus thread lifts are the best option for such people.

Thread lifts are low-risk treatment and thus it is recommended for anyone who is looking for skin tightening. In thread lifts, there is no risk of having scars, bleeding, severe bruising or any kind of other risks. But still, there are many things that you must know about thread lifts. Today is the day when the treatments are going non-invasive. Most of the patients also ask for lesser invasive, less painful and cheaper procedures along with the shortest recovery period.

Conceptually, thread lift is a process in which the soft tissues are suspended and inserted into the skin. These are done using two ways barbed and non-barbed. The thread is hooked into the skin and thus the skin is lifted with a very small amount of tightening. The sutures are made with such a material that they get dissolved into the skin within some days. Thread lifts in Singapore can be easily found at established and renowned aesthetic clinics.

History of Thread Lifts

The thread lifts are introduced in the year 1990 but during that time it was way too difficult. During that time the nonabsorbable threads were used and thus they leave a scar of the target area. The threads were anchored into the skin and then they were tied carefully which were permanent. The thread with new technology is so advanced that they get dissolved into the skin and thus no marks or scars seen on the skin. These threads are usually used in the area that is easily visible like face, jowls, neck, etc. But these threads can be used in other parts of the body too.

Side Effects

Although there are no side effects of thread lifts, still some people may feel mild pain, erythema, edema granuloma formation, etc and thus the threads need to be replaced. If the process is not done properly buckling of the skin may occur and thus the cultures may be visible.

Fillers that usually use the liquid to facelift are also similar and have a very little downtime. The common side effects are bruising, and it is recommended by the doctor no to do heavy exercise or have extreme facial movements. Heavy chewing is also prohibited. You will have to take care of all these things for around 7 to 10 days so that everything gets settled.

Results may vary depending upon many factors. These factors include how saggy your skin is, what is your age, how nicely you follow the precautions and many more. The effect of the treatment lasts from 18 months to 2 years.