Things You Could do and Places to Visit on your Staycation

A person going on a vacation should guarantee that he/she will be having fun in order to make the most of his/her resting time from work or school. What people want for a vacation is long drives and plane travels, but what we actually don’t know is that there are a lot of places, especially, in Singapore which could be worth your vacation even if you’re not going to travel abroad. Later on, we are going to tell you about staycation ideas in order to help you get the most of your vacation time.

But first, one of the hotels worth mentioning for a staycation is Bay Hotel Singapore. The Bay Hotel staycation packages offer many amenities, such as a swimming pool and gym that overlooks Sentosa Island. There is also a great variety of food served, and other reviews for the staycation so far have been largely positive. If you are looking for a good deal for a staycation you should check them out.

Next, Steve Odland will share to us 16 things to do on a staycation. Let us read about it below.

16 Things To Do On A “Staycation”

Since the recession began a few years ago, people have been cutting back on discretionary spending.  One of the first cuts in a household budget has been the annual family vacation.  Instead of expensive airline tickets and hotel stays, people have been substituting cheaper alternatives:  waiting for special travel deals online, driving to see relatives, having friends and relatives come to see them, etc.  But an increasingly popular and fun vacation is the stay-at-home-vacation or the “staycation.”  The beginning of summer is coming and so planning must begin for 15 things to do on a staycation.

Visit your local museums:  art, natural or American history, botanical gardens, zoos, cars, sports, or whatever the interest.  Every area of the country has its local attractions, some world class, others, well, just fun.  Every area also has its architectural gems that are registered on the National Register of Historic Places.  Pretend you’re a tourist and go visit them. Read more here.

The simplest things you could do are all mentioned above. You could go to the movies, go biking, go shopping, go to the beach, take a nap, read a book, and many other activities. For additional things we could do, Far East Hospitality is going to give us 12 activities for an alternative weekend in Singapore.

12 Activities for an Alternative Weekend in Singapore

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably checked out Gardens by the Bay’s grandeur, admired the city skyline, and strolled along Orchard Road one too many times. We feel you! If you find yourself falling into this category, here’s an offbeat weekend guide that will come in handy the next time you think this lovely lion city of ours is getting boring.

Whether you’re a local or a foreigner, we promise these 12 activities will introduce you to a smashing and exciting side of Singapore you’ve yet to discover.

  1. Actually STARGAZE in Singapore

No doubt this concrete mass we live in is sprouting with one too many high-rise buildings. But lo and behold, it’s actually possible to stargaze in this urban jungle! Few may be aware that in Singapore, there are a handful of sweet stargazing spots (including two observatories) where astronomy hobbyists often gather at to catch glimpses of constellations and star clusters. Read more here.

Mentioned above are different and exciting activities that we could actually do on an alternative weekend. You could stargaze, party, and have other adventures. The addresses and rates of each are already given above for your convenience. Lastly, let us talk about hotels. CLAIRE TENG will give us seven loft hotels in Singapore for an unforgettable staycation.

7 Loft Hotels In Singapore For An Unforgettable Staycation

Loft hotels are increasingly popular. Instead of conventional one-floor rooms, many are instead turning to these duplex rooms as a place to unwind from work stress or even for staycations.

Offering a spacious living environment styled with contemporary designs, spending a night in a loft room is ideal for a special occasion (such as Valentines Day, hint hint).

For those who are searching for a reasonably priced loft room to spend a night or two, here are 7 Loft Hotels in Singapore You Must Try For An Unforgettable Staycation.


Conceptualized by the Millennium Hotels & Resorts, Studio M Hotel is the first hotel in Singapore with all its 360 rooms as loft rooms.

That being said, Studio M Hotel offers a variety of rooms for you to choose from. The Studio Loft is their basic and most affordable room, with prices starting from S$195 per night. Read more here.

The hotels mentioned above really seem expensive because of the images shown. However, these hotels are actually at a lower cost than other hotels and you can avail of them at a reasonable price. While on a staycation, you could still really enjoy simple activities but you should definitely have a try of other exciting adventures if you have the means. Vacation only comes once in a while that is you should make the most out of it.